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Feb 21, 2013 6:00am PST
including 16 to the u.s. and its partnerships. some classes will be taught in spanish, chinese and friend. and they are offering classes in other hanging allowing more students to take part. >>> they are bringing wasps to campus on purpose. they brought in the african wasp to help protect the olive trees and they are under attack by the olive fruit flies and they are the natural predator of the fruit fly. >>> workers are trying to save this penguin which wandered far away from its home. they discovered it 1,000 miles away from its natural habitat in and the antarctica. they say the penguin is very weak and does not want to stand. the poor thing is still in critical condition hope the little guy gets better. >>> they are getting filled up as they normally are, this is 280 still getting into the valley and the valley is getting a late start so if you are early you will have a little bit of an advantage. 508 is not especially busy through livermore, it is crowded but we have not had a lot of stop and go. let's go to steve >>> mostly clear. >>> a little breezy at times, upper 50s and lower 60
Feb 11, 2013 6:00am PST
airborne drones to try to find him. and dorner will become the first drone target ever on u.s. soil. here in the bay area law enforcement agencies are still considering the use of domestic drones. it's still an issue that is sparking controversy. coming up at 6:25 a look at what we uncovered in a special ktvu news report and why unmanned aircraft may be flying in your neighborhood. >>> time is 6:16. just about two hours from right now vice president joe biden will host a round table on gun control. he will do it in philadelphia with law enforcement officials. as ktvu kyla campbell reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom talk about an assault weapons ban has people buying a record number of guns. >> reporter: not every background check results in a gun purchase but the number of background checks filed with the fbi suggest that gun sales skyrocketed over the last few months. take a look in november two million people applied for gun buy background checks. then december saw $t .7 million and last month 2.4 million tushed in firearm background checks. those numbers are the highest since t
Feb 13, 2013 6:00am PST
stranded in the gulf of mexico should be back in the u.s. by late tomorrow. the carnival triumph is being towed by tug boat to a dock in mobile, alabama. carnival says it's working to keep all passengers safe. >> there were spills they were having to use bags and stuff to go to the bathroom. >> those passengers will reach the full refunds for this cruise plus travel expenses and credit toward a future cruise vacation. >>> time now 6:51. we do want to go to sal. if you are watching your commute you are looking at the south bay. how are they doing? >> we have slow traffic hoar there on 237 as you cross the valley. you can see get into santa clara and san jose westbound. nothing unusual. it gets better. the traffic also is going to be slow this morning in other areas. let's go to the next picture and show you 880. a little bit of patchy fog there as well. we're also looking at a crash in hayward. just out of the range of the freeway there. 6:51 let's go to steve. >>> good morning, everyone. fog is back. some people love the fog. again it's not going to last too long. there is still enough of
Feb 22, 2013 6:00am PST
taping and breaking problems were blamed on a faulty part. but investigators in japan and the u.s. say they're no close tore figuring out the reason for the battery issue. boeing is meeting to propose a temporary mix to problem with the light yum ion battery. >> meantime, united is removing all of it's 787s through early june. it could put dream liners back in service between tokyo and denver in late may but only if the cause of battery problems is found and fixed before that. >> time is 6:21. it's never happened before but it's about to. the two women that will soon make history with their fists. >> a victim ofs own proposal. addressing overcrowding on the ferry [ male announcer ] you think you know me. i'm just red carpets, big spectacles and the a-list. that's only the beginning. i have more than one red carpet. i like all sorts of spectacles. from the grandiose, to the impromptu... to the completely unexpected. and you'll only have to think about a list... when you cross this, off your own. los angeles. endlessly entertaining. plan your getaway at >>> breakin
Feb 27, 2013 6:00am PST
was confirmed by the u.s. senate just yesterday after a very bitter seven week fight on capitol hill. hagel will make his first remark to defense employees two hour hours from right now. as secretary of defense his top priority will be dealing with $46 billion in budget cuts. they will kick in on friday unless congress takes action to avoid those cuts. we are hearing that more plans to avert the cuts could come out today. if congress does nothing in 48 hours, those automatic budget cuts known as sequestration become law. kyla cramp bell is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom. kyla, what are you hearing? >> reporter: senate republicans we're told are working on a plan right now. they are finalizing details and could reveal their plan later today. it's likely that any bill they put out there will not -- house speaker john boehner says house republicans already voted to twice to make -- instead senate democrats to substance abused their own bill which would provide $55 billion in cuts and another $55 billion in new tax revenue. tax increases would hit the wealthiest americans and oil and gas
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5